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AirFloss Review

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Our good friends at Philips Sonicare came by office Monday.  It was an interesting and informative meeting.  They answered all of our questions and then some.  They gave me two articles that I found very interesting.  For today I’m just going to write about the AirFloss.  It is a newer product that Philips has brought out to cater to those who are marginal flossers.  Regardless of the reason for not flossing (no judgements here) the AirFloss has improved enough that it has matched the efficacy of flossing.  Flossing is the gold standard of cleaning in between teeth.  That means when products are being tested for effectiveness, they measure the new product against what has traditionally been the best i.e. flossing.  Nothing out on the market can match flossing.  Not even the original AirFloss, but Philips has made some key improvements to their design.  Now the AirFloss will do 3 quick bursts in between each tooth.  That added boost, leading to more cleaning power, has improved AirFloss enough to match traditional flossing.

I have patients ask me all the time if electric toothbrushes are better than traditional toothbrushes.  According to the research the answer is no… but that is assuming a lot.  It assumes everyone who is using a traditional toothbrush is brushing with perfect technique and for the same amount of time.  Many people cannot accomplish this, i.e. little children and geriatric patients and everyone else who is in a rush… That is why I recommend electric toothbrushes for all of my patients.  They are easier to use so that more patients can effectively clean their teeth. Read More