Closing the Gap

Scrolling through your Tinder connections, you notice a common theme: you have very few of them.


“Why can’t I attract the single, up-and-coming men who don’t want to play games?” you ask yourself. I’ve got a good job, a nice car, a degree, long hair and long legs. What am I missing?

But deep down, you know what it is. It’s the clutter in your smile; it looks like an oyster bed at low tide. So, it’s either get off of Tinder or start fixing your grill.

Many of your friends have gone the braces route in their adult years. They’ve said it was a good experience, affordable and hassle-free. Most importantly, you’ve seen the results in their smiles and confidence.

At Andros Orthodontics, we can resolve the spacing and crowding in your smile. Our specialty is orthodontics which gives us the experience and capability necessary to help our patients by providing them the best quality, cost, and efficiency in treatment.

To see this kind of care in action, we offer a complimentary consultation for prospective patients. During this exam, we’ll take you on a tour of the office, do x-rays, and then have Dr. Andros provide you with a thorough diagnosis. We’ll also outline your personalized treatment plan, and even build enough time into this appointment for you to begin your orthodontic treatment.

Call us today, get started on your treatment and let your smile do all the talking with your next date.