Incognito braces are located behind the teeth, so unless you want to, no one will ever see them.

They are 100% customized, invisible fixed and one of the best systems on the market today using state- of- the- art technology. Incognito dental braces give you a beautiful smile even while you are wearing them.

How does Incognito Braces Work?

Invisible from the front, the brackets are placed on the back side of the teeth. As standard braces, they straighten your teeth within the same amount of time metal braces would.

Unlike removable aligners, Incognito braces are always working toward your perfect smile. No need to worry about insert or remove them during your lunch.

Who can wear Incognito Braces?

Children, teens, adults –  anyone! Men or women, from 14 years to over 60 years of age, from students to professionals, all can choose invisible braces. If you have been treated with traditional braces, then you can wear Incognito Braces!

The advantages of Incognito braces

Getting care of your health is always a good investment. Both regarding your health and appearance. There are many advantages to choosing Incognito braces for your orthodontic treatment:

Aesthetics – they are an excellent option for both adults and teens who would feel more confident with invisible braces.

Comfort- they are custom fit to every patient, ensuring an excellent comfort level

Convenience- Incognito braces are great for the sportsman. They are great for those who play contact sports or play a wind instrument. If it can be done with traditional braces, it can be done with Incognito braces.

Will Incognito braces affect my speech?

A possibility of a slight lisp with this appliance is possible since they are on the backside of your teeth. The lisp is very comparable to treatments with Invisalign, or other orthodontic appliances.

Overcoming this issue is not that hard since many people in our office and around the world have had these braces successfully with no impact on their lives and careers.

These include many public speakers, news reporters, musicians and professional athletes.

How does the process work?

First, the digital impressions are taken.

Thru digital portal precise tooth alignment treatment is done. Braces and wires are designed 100% custom for each patient using CAD-CAM technology and wire banding robots. All braces are attached simultaneously using a computer for precise custom alignment.

Are braces comfortable for your tongue?

Incognito braces are much smaller than traditional braces, so speech interference is minimal. There are some initial adjustments first two weeks as your mouth gets adjusted to a new appliance. This process is standard, and your mouth will be adapted to your new braces over time.


The Incognito appliance system feature fully customized brackets, archwires and bonding trays to deliver efficient and effective treatment outcomes. They are designed to service growing patient and to help orthodontics with the demand for comfortable and invisible convenient care.

Incognito braces are customized to the unique prescription of each patient, making it an easy for a wide range of patients and orthodontics case types.