Keeping your hygiene on the high level should be very important no matter what. 

When you have braces, cleaning teeth and braces is more critical than ever.

Food can be placed in your mouth in unusual places, so you must be diligent to avoid bad breath, discolored teeth, swollen gums, and cavities.

 Tips to clean your braces

Brush regularly and one tooth at the time

It’s tricky to brush your teeth with braces, but you can do it in no time with a little bit of practice! You should clean at least couple of minutes three times a day.

It is highly recommendable to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste that will also protect your enamel. Daily hygiene routines can increase the chance of getting bits of food hide in your braces or get stuck behind some tooth. Quick brush after eating can deal with it. Buy travel toothbrush, so if you get caught, you can rinse your mouth out with water or dislodge bits of food.

And remember, when you brush, take around 10 seconds for each tooth. Pay attention to the spots between braces and teeth.


Use a small soft brush, interdental brush and watch the angle

Always brush angled down upper teeth. Brush the bottoms of your teeth and braces with brush angled up. It’s about 45-degree angle. Small brushes have a small head so you can reach places between braces and teeth more easily. Use, circular, vertical motions and remember to clean the surface of your teeth. Interdental brushes are small brushes usually recommenced by orthodontics. . Pointy brush or Interdental brushes are cone-shaped.

They are specially designed to reach places in your mouth that are usually hard to achieve.  They can go under the wire and the tooth. These products should be used in addition to, not instead of, brushing and flossing.


Floss every day

Find the floss for you. Regular floss work for some patients, but others find it easier to work with a floss threader, which helps you get the floss into tight places. The product like Superfloss (all-in-one product) comes with regular floss, stiff end floss for eas treading, and the spongy section for cleaning wide spaces.

Floss before you brush your teeth. It was more convenient to do it before sleep. Flossing can be very tricky with a brace, so you need to floss carefully clean stains from clear braces.


Use mouthwash

It’s good for mouthwash to be fluoride based and alcohol-free. It’s usually used to keep your braces clean and in excellent condition. Try not to eat 20 minutes after the washing. You can use mouthwash different time a day, so your teeth maintain a healthy level of fluoride protection.


Foods to Avoid

  •    Sticky foods
  •    Popcorn
  •    Crunchy foods
  •    Chewing gums
  •    Apples, Carrots, Celery
  •    Eating meat off the bone
  •    If you take soda drinks, drink water to flush the sugar off your teeth or brush them immediately


And remember, always talk with the professional! Be sure to visit a dentist regularly to get through cleaning only professionals can provide.