Clarity Advanced Braces Benefits

Braces have come a long way from the wire cages people use to have to endure. Just think of the hassle “brace faces” used to have to go through to get that coveted smooth smile. Well, all of that has changed with Clarity Advanced braces. They are almost completely clear, ceramic braces offering patients the same great benefits associated with chaotic metal braces, but with added advantages of being clear and more aesthetic. This revolutionary ceramic material, small bracket design and ‘Spring Clip’ technology makes Clarity Advanced braces a no-brainer choice for patients concerned with aesthetics.

Clarity Advanced easily boasts about being the smallest clear bracket on the market.

Revolutionary Material

As stated before, Clarity Advanced braces are made from a revolutionary ceramic material that allows them to be small, strong and clear against your tooth, so they are hardly noticeable. The well-crafted smart ‘Spring Clip’ closure technology allows the wire to be secured in place with minimal pressure, reducing discomfort for patient’s whist optimizing tooth movement in a friction-free environment. No more tightening and no more headaches.

Efficient Treatment

Clarity Advanced braces always help to make treatment efficient, which means fewer appointments (Hallelujah!) and less time in braces. The length of treatment depends on the severity of each individual patient’s orthodontic procedure and treatment. With that in mind, wearing Clarity Advanced braces can vary anywhere between six months to two years. Depending on your sensitivity and your stage of needed treatment, discomfort can range from very mild to moderate, lasting a few days to a week. While short-term discomfort is usually normal for beginners and is typically described as a feeling of pressure Clarity Advanced braces to work to reduce this compared to conventional braces. This makes Clarity Advanced braces the easier choice to make to get that smile you dream of with ease.