Simple Tips For Clean Invisalign

When you were told by your dentist that you needed braces you went with Invisalign because they are clear and easy to put in and out. Let’s face it, the thought of metal wires and bands tightening in your mouth was too much to think about. So, if you’re wanting to avoid discoloration, odor, and a buildup of bacteria; follow along with these simple tips on how to clean Invisalign trays.

Morning Routine

Each morning when you wake up, take your trays out and clean both your teeth and the trays thoroughly. This is because while sleeping, a lot of bacteria could have built upon the trays, so it is important to start the day off right with clean teeth and trays. Make sure you do this in the evening as well. Always rinse the trays when you remove them as to avoid creating an inviting environment for bacteria to grow.

Cleaning Crystals

The best way to make sure your Invisalign trays are as squeaky clean as possible is to soak them in either denture cleaner or Invisalign cleaning crystals for at least an hour. Once finished soaking, use an extra toothbrush that you don’t use for your teeth to brush off all lingering plaque or food particles and then rinse the trays before placing them back in your mouth. Before you put the trays back in, always brush and floss your teeth first.

Always remember not to eat or drink while your Invisalign’s are in. You can drink water while wearing them of course, but nothing else. Invisalign trays are not made for chewing foods and can get damaged if you try to regularly eat with them in. Any food and drink can also stain the trays drastically.