Adult Braces

Your teeth are crooked or crowded and you don’t like smiling as much as you should. You think to yourself, “Nothing I can do about it now. The time to get them fixed has already passed”. Though most people do get their teeth aligned with braces in their teens, there is no reason you can’t have braces as an adult. If you’re not happy, nor are you confident with the appearance of your teeth or you’ve been advised that a poor bite is causing uneven tooth wear or jaw pain; braces may be just what you need to give yourself a great smile and correct any misalignment you are having to endure.

It is too often believed by plenty of misinformed people that an adult’s teeth cannot be moved like a teen’s can because adult bones and tissues are harder or are permanently set. Of course, none of this true whatsoever. Though It is true that teens have more pliable bodies with everything still growing and forming, teeth are teeth, whether young or old. The only difference will be how long a teen has to wear their braces to fix crowding versus how long an adult may need to. A teen can finish with their braces in about 18 months while an adult may need their braces for 22 months. In either case, the teeth will certainly move and a great outcome can be achieved for both patients.

The best news of all is that not everyone needs traditional metal braces to correct their dental issues (HOORAY!). Clear braces and back-mounted braces are options today’s options as well and make the whole ordeal of braces so much easier. Your orthodontist will go over all of your options and formulate a treatment plan that will get you the results you want.