Is One Better Than The Other?

There are several people out there who would love to have straighter teeth but are put off by the look and hassle of metal braces. Fortunately, in today’s futuristic world of orthodontics, there are various treatment options that are much more aesthetically pleasing for those who would rather not rock the “metal” look. When it comes to down to two competitive types of treatment it’s Invisalign or Clarity Ceramic Braces that are the most popular choices, but is one better than the other? The answer: It depends.


First, Invisalign is removable, which is simultaneously the greatest advantage and disadvantage of modern braces. Of course, the system only moves one’s teeth back into alignment when the trays are worn for the required 22-23 hours per day. If the braces are spending more time in the case than in one’s mouth, chances are the teeth won’t move into their places like they’re supposed to. This also means that the Invisalign trays have to be worn with all of the attachments on the teeth and prescribed elastics to work. There are no braces to break, no wires to poke the insides of the mouth, and no obstacles to regular brushing and flossing.

Clarity Ceramic Braces

Clarity Ceramic braces are made from a revolutionary ceramic material that allows them to be small, strong and clear against your tooth, so they are hardly noticeable. The well-crafted smart ‘Spring Clip’ closure technology allows the wire to be secured in place with minimal pressure, reducing discomfort for patient’s whilst optimizing tooth movement in a friction-free environment. No more tightening and no more headaches.

Whatever your preference may be, set an appointment with your orthodontist to find out which treatment is right for your smile. You may have ideas of which you want, but only the professionals can tell you which treatment will get the job done.