We all want a brighter smile, am I right? And when it comes to tooth-whitening there are various options out there. But what seems to get the job done is teeth bleaching. Most tooth-whitening options, whether at home products or in-office procedures, use peroxide-based bleaching agents that varies in percentages. In-office systems contain from 15% to 43% peroxide and therefore will have better results than other store-bought products.

Generally, the longer you keep stronger teeth bleaching solution on your teeth, the whiter your teeth become and the deeper the cleansing will be. However, the higher the percentage of peroxide in the whitening solution, the shorter it should be applied to the teeth and that’s why dental professionals administer it. Keeping the gel on longer will dehydrate the tooth and increase tooth sensitivity and other possible side effects. It’s always good to have a dental professional to assist with any kind of tooth bleaching procedure to make sure it’s done right.

Again, teeth bleaching done by your dentist can get teeth brighter faster. Also, heat, a black light, or a combination of the two may be used to speed and intensify the whitening process. The most dramatic results — teeth generally becomes three to eight shades brighter — usually take several 30- to 60-minute in-office visits. Some dentists use tooth bleaching techniques that can be done in a single 2-hour appointment, it all just varies by procedure and what’s right for your teeth.

Bleaching procedures change your natural tooth color which helps remove both deep and surface stains you may be embarrassed by. Tooth bleaching can give anyone the confidence they want in their smile and more. Consult your dental professional about teeth bleaching and if it’s right for your needs.