Braces can be a pain in the neck but they’re worth the effort in the end. One of the aspects of braces that all patients eventually deal with is proper flossing. Braces can make it pretty tough to get in and around those teeth as you should. However, there are a few great ways to ensure you’re flossing your teeth properly and thoroughly.

Water Pik

Perhaps the easiest and most thorough form of flossing while enduring braces is the water pik. It’s a little machine that you simply fill with water each time you want to use it. Turn on the pick and point the water stream at the edges of your teeth so that it reaches every crook and cranny of your teeth. This is usually the most popular option when it comes to flossing with braces. It’s the quickest route and does a great job at reaching all the tighter spaces. These spaces can easily be missed by traditional flossing.

Floss Threader

You can get what’s called a floss threader which allows you to more easily thread traditional floss through the brackets of your braces. This can be done without a threader but it’s much easier and quicker to have that little tool on hand. Floss is so small that trying to hang on to it while pushing it through the small spaces of your brackets can be difficult. These threaders can be found at most major stores in the flossing section.

Dental Tape

Braces can make gums get swollen or tender, especially if you don’t stay on top of proper cleaning. Dental tape is softer, thinner, and wider which makes it easier and less abrasive on gums. It’s also easier to handle which means manual threading of the tape is easier than traditional floss.

Orthodontic Flosser

These little flossers are designed to get in and around braces quickly and efficiently while also cleaning the braces themselves. Many times, when flossing, various portions of the braces can be easily missed, especially the portion facing the teeth. The orthodontic flosser was created with this issue in mind.

Traditional Flossing

Although this is the least favorable option when it comes to flossing with braces, it’s still an option. All you have to have is normal floss. It’s better to go the long route for flossing than to not floss at all. If you use floss with wax on it, the job of threading the floss manually through your braces is much easier. It keeps the floss more stable and gives you a better grip while threading.

Just because flossing with braces is difficult or takes effort doesn’t mean it should be avoided. It can be a pain to stay on top of proper flossing but it’s worth it, overall. These few tips should make your flossing battle with braces quite a bit easier to handle.