Not very many of us are born with a perfectly straight smile. For some, it can take more work than others to gain that pearly white, straight smile. For others, it takes minimal effort. However, no matter the level of effort it takes to achieve that straight smile, it’s worth it, and here’s why.

It Makes You Smile More

Dentistry for Madison states that studies have proven a straighter, whiter smile makes people smile more. That’s right, people were proud to show off that beautiful smile which made them flash smiles far more often than the average person. The studies showed that straighter teeth caused people to have more self-esteem which is why they were proud to show off their smile.

Keeps Your Gums Healthier

Crooked, crowded, or teeth that are spaced too far apart can cause gums to become inflamed or red and swollen which also causes random bleeding. This is often known as gum disease or gingivitis and can lead to worse issues if left untreated. Bad bacteria is able to more easily build up when teeth aren’t straight which is what leads to these issues.

Causes Decay and Cavities

Teeth can be much harder to clean and honestly, some spaces can actually be impossible to get to when teeth are crooked. This can lead to bad bacteria getting built up in the hard to reach places resulting in cavities and decay in your teeth. Not to mention, it can cause you to lose teeth altogether.

Decreases Pain

Did you know that crooked teeth can cause you pain in other areas of your body? They can give you headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, etc. When teeth are straight, many of these issues are fixed as well. This means, straight teeth do more than just make a nice smile, they’re connected to other healthy aspects of your body as well.

Keeps Breath Fresh

Crooked teeth, as mentioned, can cause bad bacteria to build up in the tighter to reach spaces. With all of this and plaque stacking up, it can cause you to have bad breath. There’s nothing worse than having bad breath that doesn’t go away, even when you brush.

Makes Your Routine Easier

Having straight teeth means that you’ll have an easier time brushing and flossing. As stated, crooked teeth can leave some tough to reach spots impossible to clean. You won’t have this issue with straight teeth. Not just that, but flossing will be easier as well. So, overall, your routine will be quick, easy, and painless.

Brings Happiness

Overall, the best part of straight teeth is that it’s proven to increase happiness. When your proud of your smile, you can’t help but feel like the best version of yourself. That’s what we aim to do and beautiful smiles are the perfect way to accomplish that.