Bite problems occur quite frequently in people of all ages and races. There are a few different bite issues that a patient can have but, all are filed under what’s referred to as malocclusion. All of these require a dental professional’s help to be corrected. Further, bite problems should be corrected as they often interfere with the jaw and its alignment.


An overjet can often times be seen by children who suck their thumb for too long. The upper front teeth protrude beyond the bottom teeth, sort of like buckteeth. This usually causes the top two middle teeth to appear bigger and be the focal point of a smile. Usually this means that the top jaw extends beyond the bottom jaw. This could also mean that the top jaw is larger than it should be, or the bottom jaw is smaller than it should be. In some cases, both issues with the jaw are occurring at the same time.


This is when the upper row of teeth can completely, or close to it, cover the lower row of teeth when biting down. This means the lower teeth can bite into gum more frequently. Usually, front top teeth with ever so slightly overlap on the bottom teeth, however, when they overlap too far, this is an overbite.


An underbite is much like an overbite but with the opposite issue. This means an underbite is when the lower row of teeth extends beyond the upper teeth. Much in the way they depict werewolves teeth doing; where the jaw looks like it’s thrust forward more than the upper jaw. This is due to the lower jaw being larger than the upper jaw or the upper jaw not being quite large enough. Of course, as with an overjet, this can be a combination of the two jaw issues as well.

Open Bite

An open bite is when a person bites down and their front teeth don’t close all the way, leaving a large gap. Odd growth by both jaws can result in teeth all tilting in which will cause them to not meet properly when biting down. This can also be caused by a child sucking their thumb too long.


A crossbite occurs when the top teeth sit right inside the bottom teeth. This appears like a smaller version of an underbite. This usually results from an upper jaw issue.

All of these bite problems can cause issues with tissue, bone, chewing, etc. A bite issue should be checked out by a dental professional sooner than later. If bite issues go uncorrected, they can cause major damage including, cavities, decay, loose teeth, etc. Many bite issues can be corrected easily enough if treated. However, if left uncorrected for too long, some issues may be harder to fix.