Getting braces can be a lengthy process as well as a big step since they can often time adjust your way of life for a bit. Even with Invisalign braces, you’re adding something onto your list of responsibilities that take time and effort. However, in general, braces are worth the effort including the tooth care and cleaning involved while having them.

Tooth Care and Cleaning with Traditional Braces

With traditional braces, your teeth have metal brackets attached to each tooth along with wires to connect them. Sometimes rubber bands will be added in to make appropriate adjustments to the alignment of your jaw/bite. Since traditional braces can’t be removed, taking time each day to ensure they’re thoroughly cleaned and cared for is important. If they’re not well-cared for, it could cause major damage to a patient’s teeth.

Brushing at least two times a day (especially before bed) is vital when wearing braces. If a patient is able to, brushing after each meal is even better. Flossing is very important as well. Braces have a lot of crooks and crannies and flossing is just one more step to ensure nothing is where it shouldn’t be. Using a water pik is definitely suggested with traditional braces since it uses pressurized water to get into the tiny cracks and crevices around the braces. Using a floss threader will be necessary since it’s impossible to floss the traditional way since the brackets get in the way. You’ll need to thread the floss through the lower portion of the bracket in order to effectively floss the lower portion of each tooth. Using mouthwash, at least before bed, will help kill off any bacteria left behind after your normal routine.

Tooth Care and Cleaning with Invisalign

Keeping teeth clean during the use of Invisalign is much easier than traditional braces since they’re removable. Using a clean brush on the aligners after removing them from the mouth is even easier than brushing your teeth. It’s always best to brush and floss twice a day as well as use mouthwash as you normally would in your oral health routine. However, always ensure you scrub the aligners well as bacteria can grow on them from food particles.

No matter what type of braces you end up going with, it’s always important to stay on top of a healthy routine. Especially with traditional braces, bits of food can get stuck and cause bad bacteria growth along with decay and plaque buildup. Your teeth can end up looking worse than when you started. That’s why it can’t be stressed enough that impeccable tooth care is practiced during the use of braces. This only results in a gorgeous smile you can be proud of.