Sometimes, our oral health doesn’t always center around just our teeth and gums. Some issues can be with other areas in our mouth or face. One issue that can pop up is a consistent problem with biting our cheeks. This might sound a little odd however, this can be a real issue especially when it involves the same spot being bitten over and over. There are a few reasons why this could be occurring and there’s also a few ways to avoid it or fix the issue.

The Root Cause

Sometimes, cheek biting can be an indirect habit and not something that’s done accidentally. It often is a nervous habit that some people do without really knowing they do it until they have a sore in their mouth. This is a habit much like chewing on our fingernails and is often an indirect action. Teeth that are crooked or not aligned properly can also cause you to bite your cheek or lip. Let’s be real, biting our cheek out of the blue while chewing can be quite painful especially if the same spot gets bitten over and over. Some people can end up with scar tissue and scarring from the misalignment of their teeth which can eventually be a problem in itself, outside of it just really hurting. Some people can have the issue of having an overly small mouth. This can result in their cheeks simply pressing up closer to their teeth which can also cause them to bite them.

How Do I Fix This?

If you have a habit of biting your cheeks out of being nervous or other reasons, try to follow the basics of breaking habits in general. Chewing gum is often a tactic that people use because you’re not as apt to chew on your cheeks if you’re chewing gum. Also, something like chewing gum is a way to keep you busy or gives you something to chew on rather than your cheeks. This is used for chewing nails as well and has worked for quite a few people. This habit can also be the sign of a condition that may involve professional intervention. This isn’t overly common however, if you have a major issue, be sure to see your dental professional to see if it’s something you will need more help breaking outside of basic habit-breaking guidelines.

If you’re not chewing your cheeks out of habit or another condition, you could have some misalignments going on. If the alignment of your teeth or even the size of your mouth is the issue, your dentist will most likely recommend a fix along the line of braces, a retainer, clear aligners, etc. This will fix the issue of accidentally biting your cheek often.

The best way to determine the issue of your cheek biting, if it’s not a habit, is by visiting your dental professional. They will be able to assess your mouth and the bite area to determine exactly what’s causing the problem and give options for fixing the issue. The options suggested with depend on the underlying issue and the level of severity. It’s important to note that cheek biting can get severe and result in even more issues if not addressed in a timely manner. Don’t hesitate to call your dental professional and ask for a consultation whether the issue stems from a habit or from another issue, they can help direct you in the correct direction to help remedy the issue.