Everyone loves a straight and pretty smile. However, outside of being aesthetically pleasing, a straight smile has many more benefits. Many of these benefits are linked to your overall oral health. As we age, things like crooked teeth can cause severe issues within the mouth. Some of these issues can even begin at an early age if the conditions are right. Keep reading for the benefits of having straight teeth.

Easier to Clean

Straight teeth are easier to clean because you can reach every crook and cranny. With crooked teeth, there are sometimes spaces where your teeth cross that can’t be reached. This causes issues such as decay to occur which can be a real cumbersome issue. When teeth are easier to clean, they’re healthier overall.

No Bad Breath

Since crooked teeth can often be an underlying cause of decay in the mouth, bad breath can occur. Bad breath usually stems from bad bacteria building up in the mouth. Bad bacteria are usually found near decaying spots in the mouth which would result in halitosis or bad breath. With straighter teeth, bad breath is less of an issue as long as you stay up on your usual routine on a daily basis.

No Cavities

With straight teeth, you are at a lesser risk for cavities. As mentioned, it’s difficult for some spots to be reached causing bad bacteria, plaque, etc. to buildup. This results in cavities which will result in more dental visits and dental work. With straighter teeth, there is less concern of a surprise cavity popping up since it’s easier to reach all the crooks and crannies of your mouth.

No Gum Disease

As mentioned before, crooked teeth can cause a buildup of bad bacteria, plaque etc. This is because it’s hard to reach some places or clean them effectively when the teeth are crooked. Because of this issue, and the buildup caused by it, decay can begin, causing your gums to get red, swollen, and bleed. They will also loosen and pull away from your teeth and can even get infected. This is called gum disease or gingivitis. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the jaw and bones in your face, causing quite an issue. However, with straight teeth, these spaces are easier to clean making it easier to ensure that nothing builds up, causing gingivitis.

Your Confidence Will Soar

It has been proven time and again how much confidence a person has when their teeth are straighter. They’re prouder of their smile and enjoy being able to show off one of their favorite traits. This results in people smiling more, with their teeth, instead of smirking. Not only smiling more but, bigger which also leads to a more joyful demeanor. In other words, a straight smile boosts a person’s confidence, and in turn, their happiness.

It’s important to note that all of these benefits to having straight teeth rely on your oral hygiene on a day to day basis. If your oral health routine isn’t in line, many of these issues could still pop up rather you have a beautiful, straight smile or not. If you already have a straight smile, be sure to take care of it and follow a consistent oral health routine. This way, you will reap all the benefits of a straight smile.