With the advancement of technology comes the advancement in treatments available for dental treatments. This means that when it comes to a deep bite, there are many orthodontic treatments along with restorative options available to patients with the issue of a deep bite. It’s usually a good idea to get a deep bite corrected, if possible since it can lead to other oral issues if not taken care of. Of course, this is something you should always discuss with your orthodontist about your specific circumstances.

What is a Deep Bite?

A deep bite, also known as a malocclusion, is often from genetics or overcrowding of the teeth. This results in a misalignment of the teeth or jaw which leads to a deep bite. This means the upper row of teeth almost completely cover the bottom row of teeth. Further, the bottom front row of teeth, when biting own, will land further back against the upper row of teeth.

Although this may not seem very serious outside of not looking the greatest aesthetically, it actually can be a very serious issue if not corrected. Due to the misalignment of the teeth, it can eventually damage teeth and gums. Other issues that could arise are digestive issues, hearing issues, TMJ, headaches, etc.

How is a Deep Bite Treated?

Deep bites can often be fixed or adjusted by your basic orthodontic treatments. These treatments include traditional braces, clear aligner braces, lingual braces, etc. Of course, it will depend on your specific circumstances on what options are available to you. Other treatments may need to be used to help the process along. Some of these may include veneers, fillings, crowns, onlays, implants, etc. It all depends on the state of your teeth and how severe a patient’s situation is orally

In some cases, oral surgery may be necessary to get the ball rolling. Often times, surgery is coupled with braces or another corrective treatment since correction has to be done gradually. Adjustments have to be slow. If they’re done too quickly, it could results in fractures, broken teeth, etc. This is why braces seem to take so long however, it’s worth it. All the effort and patience ends in a very healthy, straight, and beautiful smile.

If you’re having issues with a deep bite or you’re unsure about whether you have a deep bite or not, call your orthodontist or dentist right away. Often times, the longer you wait with issues such as misalignment of the jaw and teeth, can result in a lot more work which also results in a higher cost for treatment. It never hurts to get in for an appointment to ensure your oral health is in tip top shape.