Traditional braces can be a bit of a handful when a patient first gets them put on. Of course, over time, patients gradually get used to their braces and don’t even give them a second thought. However, until that point, there are a few ways a patient can ease themselves into adjusting to braces. Taking these steps will reduce pain, issues with brackets, etc.

Eat Softer Foods

Braces may be painful at first to where chewing isn’t a fun task. This doesn’t happen for all patients however, a bit of discomfort is usually a common occurrence with new brace wearers. In order to help adjust to the feel of braces, the tenderness of your teeth, and the fragility of the braces themselves, you can begin a diet of more soft foods until you’re more used to your new braces. Soft foods such as pudding, mashed potatoes, berries without seeds, apple sauce, milkshakes, etc. are all great choices until you’ve adjusted.

Stick to a Good Cleaning Routine

Some of your cleaning habits will change with braces such as the way you floss, how you brush, etc. A poor oral routine without braces can cause pain, inflammation, bleeding of the gums, halitosis, and many other issues. With braces, these issues can be slightly exaggerated due to the bad bacteria and food particles catching in the braces themselves. In other words, if you don’t keep a good cleaning routine, you will only continue to add discomfort to your braces experience. A good cleaning routine will allow you to alleviate any discomfort brought on by poor hygiene, ensuring your experience is as seamless as possible.

Don’t Ignore Any Concerns

Your orthodontist is going to be thorough in giving you information on you new braces. They will tell you what to expect, some things to watch out for, and so on. If you experience anything that concerns you, once you get your new braces on, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your orthodontist as quickly as possible. Some concerns may not turn out to be any issue however, just because you’re not used to your braces just yet, doesn’t mean your concerns aren’t warranted. You could save yourself some future grief by tackling any concerns at the beginning of your braces journey.

Give it Time

The best way to adjust to your braces is to be patient and give it some time. It won’t take long at all for your mouth to get used to the fact that you have some bulky braces on your teeth. You’ll eventually get used to the feeling of braces and find a good flow for yourself as far as what feels ok to eat, the adjustments in your oral hygiene routine, etc. Don’t get frustrated if things go a touch slower for you, the timing is different for everyone when it comes to adjusting. Just do what works best for you and be patient with the process. Remember, you’ll have a smile you can be proud of when it’s all said and done.