Braces are pretty resilient for the most part. However, there are other aspects to them that make them pretty fragile as well. Your orthodontist will always give you as much information as possible to protect you and your braces during the duration of the treatment. However, we’re all human and things happen that leave us with damaged or broken braces in need of fixing. It can be a little alarming when braces are damaged however, there’s no reason to stress. Here are a few things you can do when your braces become damaged.

Call Your Orthodontist

Of course, as soon as you realize your braces are damaged or broken, you should immediately call your orthodontist and setup and appointment. Most orthodontist offices are aware that their types of treatments can come with emergencies such as broken braces and can get their patients in pretty quickly to be fixed up. Many times they can also advise you over the phone about some steps to take until your appointment. They may also ask a few questions to figure out why the damage occurred in the first place. Once they know more information, they usually can let you know what happened and how to avoid it in the future.

Orthodontic Wax

Your orthodontist may give you a waxy, malleable substance called orthodontic wax. This is used to cover portions of the braces that might rub on your cheeks causing sores. However, if you end up with a broken bracket or wire on your braces, especially if it’s sticking out or trying to dangle, you can use this wax to hold it in place until you can get to your orthodontist. It’s always good to keep this wax on hand as it’s usually your saving grace when it comes to braces, in more ways than one.

Keep the Pieces

If you have a piece come completely off your braces, keep it and make sure you give it to your orthodontist. This will not only help them know exactly what part broke on the braces, making for a quicker and easier appointment, but they can use the piece to fix the braces properly without a longer process of getting another one to match the exact piece that broke. Sometimes, even if you keep the pieces, new parts will have to be used. However, this is just one little step to help your orthodontist help you.

If you break parts such as the bands, your orthodontist doesn’t have to replace those. You’re usually give replacements since they expect those to break. They will show you how to place the new bands on in case the others break. Overall, it’s always good to check with your orthodontist if you’re not sure or worried about something and especially, if there’s a broken part on your braces.