What’s the Most Important Vitamin for Dental Health?

Vitamins and minerals are very important to the health of our bodies in general. However, specific vitamins and minerals benefit various portions of our bodies more than others. This isn’t to say that all vitamins and minerals don’t help us stay healthy as a whole, it just means that some vitamins and minerals are needed more in certain areas than they are others. Our teeth benefit greatly from a healthy diet, especially one rich in vitamins and minerals. However, there is one specific vitamin that is vital to our dental health and that’s vitamin D.

Why is Vitamin D So Important?

In order to explain why vitamin D is so vital to dental health, we must first discuss a little mineral called calcium. Calcium is the most vital mineral or substance when it comes to dental health, or bone health, in general. Calcium plays a very large role in making bones and teeth strong. Not just strong, but healthy! This means that if a person is low on calcium or has a calcium deficiency, this can cause them to have softer bones. This makes it easier for teeth and bones, in general, to break or have other various issues. 

Calcium needs phosphorus in order to do its job in the body properly. Without phosphorus, calcium can’t benefit or support the strength of bones and teeth as well. In other words, without phosphorus, calcium isn’t as awesome and helpful. Therefore, it takes a healthy level of both for your dental health to be at its strongest and healthiest.

Now we can talk about why vitamin D is so important to dental health. Vitamin D regulates the levels of both calcium and phosphorus in the body. Without vitamin D, the body could either get too much or too little of both calcium or phosphorus (often times, it’s too little). Vitamin D ensures the body gets the healthy doses it needs of both of these vital elements and without it, the body might not absorb or gain what it needs to keep our dental health at its best.

A Healthy Diet is Important

A healthy diet is the best way to gain all three of these elements. Vitamin D is also gained in large doses by being out in natural sunlight. Fresh fruits and veggies along with a healthy amount of dairy products is a great way to ensure all three of these vital components are being absorbed by your body daily. Some other foods that contain these three elements are fish, cereal, eggs, most meat, yogurt, etc. In other words, as long as you’re following your basic food groups, you should be in good shape.

It’s important that kids maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only will this ensure that they’re healthier in many ways but, it will definitely ensure that they have amazing dental health. Overall, it will give their bodies (kids and adults alike) the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep them strong and healthy.