Orthodontics is a branch of dental work that many people see as medically unnecessary. However, this is a misconception since there is quite a bit that goes into orthodontics that make it a very important branch of the dental field. Contrary to popular belief, orthodontics doesn’t exist just to make the appearance of your teeth prettier. Although this is an added and wonderful benefit of orthodontics, its purpose goes much deeper than mere appearances.

Orthodontics Realigns Jaws and Teeth

When someone needs a round of braces or invisalign, orthodontics is the branch that takes care of this need. Braces and invisalign straighten teeth and even realign jaws or bites. If someone’s jaw isn’t aligned properly it can cause pain and other various problems in the face and teeth. Further, if teeth are left crooked or bites are off, cavities and decay can occur, sores in the mouth, teeth colliding, speech impediments, and a slew of other issues. Many of these problems can cause major issues for people and inhibit daily interactions socially and professionally. Without orthodontics, these issues cannot be repaired or reversed leaving people of all ages without dire dental care that is medically necessary to their health in general.

Orthodontics Provides Implants and Dentures

Sometimes teeth must be removed in order to protect the other natural teeth still in place. When this occurs, if the spot where the tooth was removed, isn’t filled, it can cause the bone and gum to lose integrity. This can negatively affect the other natural teeth surrounding this area. When this occurs, implants or dentures (depending on how many teeth are removed) are required or suggested. This will help alleviate many issues from occurring in the future with the area where the tooth (teeth) was removed. Teeth that are at a point of full removal can cause infection, gum disease, and other dental health issues if not taken out. This makes options such as implants and dentures a medical necessity many times over.

Orthodontics Provides Long Term Care

Orthodontic procedures can often be lengthy processes. For example, braces take an average of two years. This is because if a jaw or teeth are moved too quickly, fractures and breaks can occur resulting in surgery. These fixes require precision and a lot of patience as well as time. This means that orthodontics ends up taking on a lot of the more long term dental procedures. In other words, they’re responsible for the bigger procedures involved in dental care. You could say that orthodontics is tasked with some of the bigger responsibilities when it comes to dental patients and their care.

Orthodontics does a lot more than just make your smile look nicer. They take care of the deep seated issues when it comes to patient care. In other words, yes, orthodontics is definitely medically necessary more times than not.