Dental implants and braces are both a great option for gaining that healthy, beautiful smile you have always dreamed of. However, these two procedures and treatments don’t go hand in hand. Dental implants act like normal teeth, but in the end, they aren’t natural teeth and that means they can be limited in some aspects, such as getting braces.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are basically a type of false teeth. They have a metal post that is placed in the bone below the area of a missing tooth. There is then an abutment attached to the post and a false tooth cemented to it. This means that dental implants are fixed in place by metal in your jaw. This is unlike natural teeth that have snaking roots down in your gums rather than attached in such a permanent manner as a dental implant.

What Does This Mean?

This means that a dental implant can’t be moved or adjusted like natural teeth once it’s in place. If attempted, this could result in major damage to the jaw, surrounding teeth, and to the dental implant itself. If orthodontic treatment is desired or needed, this must be completed before the dental implants are placed. Since dental implants are adjusted to fit into the teeth around them, they don’t need special treatments to be straightened. If the surrounding teeth are already straightened or corrected, the dental implants will fit nicely into place with the natural teeth.

Will I Need to Tell My Dentist This Information?

It’s important to point out that your dental professional will know all of this information. You won’t have to wonder if they’re going to try and do it backwards as this is usually common knowledge. However, if you are seeing a new dental professional, be sure that you mention if you have any false teeth such as dental implants in place. Although they usually update your information with X-rays and past dental treatments, it’s always good to offer extra information for them just in case. Things can be missed however, it’s usually a safe bet they won’t miss a dental implant or something similar since these are pretty obviously noticed in X-rays and even basic oral exams.

Both dental implants and braces are amazing tools for giving you that gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted. However, if you plan on using both, you will have to wait on the dental implants until you’ve completed a round of braces. This may mean having missing teeth until the treatment is complete. Never be afraid to ask your dental professional about the process and what it means for you. Often times, if you have reservations, they have ways to calm those worries. In the end, they’ll ensure you have a smile you can be proud of.