Bite problems are common in general and range across all ages and ethnicities. These various bite issues usually plague children just as much as they plague adults. Due to various reasons, adults may not have had access to proper dental care as easily as children these days do. Although, children these days may still struggle with the same issue for getting the proper corrections. Genetics play a strong role in bite issues although there are some other aspects that play a role as well such as bad habits, accidents, etc. Whatever the cause, there are a few bite issues that are commonly seen among adults and children alike.


An overbite is when your top, front teeth, overlap your bottom teeth. Although it’s normal for there to be a slight overbite with the average person and this is considered proper, some have an exaggerated overbite which can make certain actions with their mouth difficult. An overbite is often fixed with braces. If it’s not severe, it can be fixed with other methods if desired.


An underbite is when a person’s top teeth sit behind their bottom teeth. This can cause more issues than an overbite, more times than not. There’s a lot of stress placed on the jaw of a person’s face shape is often a little distorted with this type of bite issue. Braces and surgery are often used to fix this bite problem.


A crossbite is when the upper teeth tilt inward so that they sit inside the lower teeth. If left untreated, this type of bite issue can cause someone’s jaw growth to be awkward or off-kilter. The teeth can rub on each other causing unnatural enamel wearing. The jaw could also shift to one side from this bite problem. Braces or an expander can fix a crossbite.

Open Bite

This type of bite issue describes when the back upper and lower teeth collide and the front upper and lower teeth don’t meet at all. This leaves it to where the teeth sit open in the front instead of coming together to properly meet. This can cause major problems with chewing, speaking, fully closing the mouth, and more. Depending on the cause of the open bite, therapy may be needed to fix habits that are popular for causing this bite issue. Braces and surgery are also an option.

Deep Bite

The deep bite issue is when the upper front teeth completely cover the bottom front teeth when the mouth is closed. This can cause damage to gums, unnatural wearing on the enamel of the teeth, and the bottom teeth can cause damage to the roof of the mouth. This can be corrected using braces and if need be, surgery.

There are many other bite issues that a patient might suffer from and there may even be various versions of the bite issues listed above that might also pop up. However, if you’re having any bite issues at all or are unsure, never hesitate to visit a dental professional. Many bite problems should be corrected as soon as possible, especially in children.