It’s common that a patient feels intimidated when visiting a doctor, orthodontist, or other health providers. However, there’s no reason to be intimidated. Further, you should feel comfortable asking questions, especially those that will make you more confident in the care you and your family might receive. The best time to ask these top questions is during your first consult. Not only will the orthodontist be able to learn about you, but you’ll be able to learn more about them and their background, experience, and even their personality. This allows you to make an informed decision about the orthodontist you choose for you and your family.

Can You Tell Me About Your Experience and Background?

This is a great question because it gives a glimpse into the type of education or level of education your orthodontist received. This will also let you know how long they’ve been functioning as an orthodontist, with some glimpses into their achievements. You can ask follow up questions if their initial answer to this question doesn’t satisfy you. For example, if they don’t offer any prior job positions in the orthodontist field, inquire about if they worked at that location and office for their entire career. You can also ask them about what led them to their career as well.

Will Changes Will We Hope to See With The Treatment You Suggested?

Often times, at a consultation, if any treatment or work needs to be completed, this is when an orthodontist will offer the information or insight. In other words, this is when you’ll receive a treatment plan. You can choose to follow or not follow the plan, this is up to you. However, before starting treatment, inquire about what the treatment is, what to expect, and what the orthodontist is hoping to accomplish with the treatment.

Do You Have Any Alternative Suggestions?

After asking questions about a treatment plan, if it makes you uncomfortable, share this with your orthodontist and ask if there are any alternatives. Sometimes, there are alternative options and sometimes there isn’t. However, it never hurts to ask, especially in this day and age concerning technology. It’s important to always be honest and forthcoming with your orthodontist because this will allow them to help you to the best of their ability. If they’re having to take a shot in the dark to meet your needs, it will be difficult for them to hit the nail on the head without all the proper information.

Have You Completed Similar Cases to Mine?

Once a treatment plan has been provided, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask about past cases like yours the orthodontist may have completed. Sometimes, seeing their past cases like yours will give you confidence and let you see what your end result might look like. This also can add excitement to your treatment since it will give you a visual aid of what can be accomplished in your case.