It’s common for younger patients to have braces than it is for adults. This is often because adults feel it’s unprofessional or unbecoming. However, when it comes to younger patients wearing braces, there is often the snag of wisdom teeth. Many are curious about how wisdom teeth may affect the brace work once it’s off or if they can even have braces before their wisdom teeth come in. Keep reading for some basic information on wisdom teeth and braces.

Will Wisdom Teeth Ruin My Brace Work?

It used to be thought that wisdom teeth, coming in after a round of braces has been completed, would cause teeth to shift. However, it has been proven in numerous studies that this actually isn’t the case. Now, that doesn’t mean to skip getting your wisdom teeth out, this just means you can look forward to your wisdom teeth not causing shifting. There are many other reasons to have your wisdom teeth out, and your teeth shifting was only one small reason. Wisdom teeth can come in very crooked, cause abscesses, get infected, etc. Always check with your dental professional about your wisdom teeth and if you will require removal, as not everyone will need their wisdom teeth removed.

Do I Need to Wait Until My Wisdom Teeth Come in to Get Braces?

It used to be suggested that young teens wait until their wisdom teeth could be seen before getting braces. However, this is no longer the case. The only thing that most dentists wait on is for all baby teeth to be replaced. Since wisdom teeth, when coming in, don’t apply enough pressure to shift teeth, children younger and younger are able to get braces now. In other words, no, you don’t need to wait for your wisdom teeth to come in to get braces. However, as always, it’s a good idea to check with your dental professional before getting your heart set as each case is unique.

Can I get Wisdom Teeth Out While I Have Braces?

Technically, you could, but most dental professionals would never do this. They will either have the wisdom teeth removed before or after the treatment. This is because it’s very difficult to navigate the mouth when braces are in place. In general, it’s safer, easier, and cheaper to get them removed before or after braces. However, if you’re getting Invisalign, this would make it possible to get your wisdom teeth out during treatment. Of course, this will be up to your dental professional based on the specifics of your treatment and condition.

In general, braces and wisdom teeth don’t mix well. However, to recap, wisdom teeth coming in after a patient has gone through brace treatment should be no issue. Further, wisdom teeth should be treated before or after brace treatment for the best results unless a dental professional has reason to believe otherwise.