Most kids are involved in some sort of activity, many of these activities involving a sport. No matter the sport, there’s always a chance for a child to get bumped in the mouth. When a child has braces, getting hit in the mouth can be worse than usual. Being hit in the mouth can mean cuts or lacerations to the gums or lips, broken wires, loosened brackets, and so much more. None of this is comfortable and can cause real pain or damage to the mouth. This is why it’s important to protect your child’s mouth if they’re active in sports. The best way to do this is through a custom mouthguard.

What is Custom Mouthguard?

A custom mouthguard is a piece of a rubber-like material that is fitted to your child’s teeth. This piece covers the teeth and braces and gives something a bit smoother for the lips and cheeks to rest on in case of a collision with your child’s mouth. This allows for less damage if anything were to occur.

There are a ton of over the counter mouthguards that can be purchased for sports use. Many of these options will adjust to your child’s mouth and teeth over time. Other options will have you heat them and make the impression before wearing it continually. However, there’s also the option of having a dental professional provide you with a custom mouthguard as well. Although over the counter options are definitely ok to use and are a great option, especially in a pinch, the best option overall is a custom fit mouthguard. These fit to the mouth better and your dental professional can ensure they line up correctly and are the perfect option for your child’s circumstances.

Is a Mouthguard My Only Option?

Unfortunately, outside of a mouthguard for your child, there are really no other options to protecting their teeth while they have braces and play sports. Often times, if a child isn’t playing a high contact sport such as football or hockey, they may be able to get away with not worrying about wearing anything. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. All sports come with the risk of an injury occurring. This means a child can run the risk at any time during a sport of seriously hurting their mouth which can lead to more dental work needing to be endured if circumstances warrant it.

Mouthguards are a relatively cheap and easy product to get for your child. It makes it well worth the peace of mind it can give a parent when their child is protected, especially from an injury that could potentially cause them major discomfort for an extended period of time if it occurs.