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From the moment you walk through our doors for your first appointment with us…

…you will not only become fully educated in orthodontics, you will walk away from that first visit knowing exactly what your unique orthodontic needs are, and what we can do here at Andros Orthodontics to help you achieve that stellar smile and healthy bite.

When you first enter our reception area, we will show you how to check in for your appointments on our dedicated iPad, then take you on a tour of our office. Digital X-rays and photographs will then be taken and immediately imported into our state-of-the-art imaging system where you and Dr. Andros will view them during your complimentary initial examination. Dr. Andros will then provide you a thorough diagnosis and outline your personalized treatment plan.

60-90 minutes has been set aside for this educational first appointment, and if you’d like, there will be enough time for you to begin your orthodontic treatment immediately. If you are unable to make this appointment, please kindly inform us at least 24 hours in advance.

Making sure our patients are educated about their particular orthodontic needs is of paramount importance to us. Any questions that may arise, from how we alleviate children’s fears to the affordable financing options we offer, will be answered during this initial visit.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Andros Orthodontics family!

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About Us

At Andros Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on providing treatment that is affordable, transformative and efficient. We use world-class qualifications, the latest technology and cutting-edge products to give our patients the attention and care they deserve — all while managing their treatment programs to be considerate of their time.

When you enter the doors of our tastefully decorated, state-of-the-art offices, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable. If you’re a young person, looking to play video games in the kid’s area and lounge on the bean bags, or an adult who prefers privacy while receiving care in one of our separate, secluded rooms, there is something for everyone.

We treat each of our patients as the valuable individuals that they are, and we love nothing more than to see the beams of happiness shine from our patients’ faces as they smile for the first time after treatment — no more hesitance, no more insecurities. Our greatest reward is seeing how a smile can bring confidence where there was insecurity, pride where there was pain.

Spending time and money on an orthodontic program can be an investment, but when you choose to invest in us for your orthodontic treatment, we promise to invest in you. And we promise, for the years and years of smiles to come, it’s worth it.

Our Cores

Lasting Relationships

Andros Orthodontics always justify your trust. We will create a customized treatment plan to best suit your individual orthodontic needs. We are happy to start your orthodontics journey with you!


Our Staff is knowledgeable and genuinely caring. We have worked with many satisfied patients and will do everything possible to meet your needs.

High Standards of Ethics

All aspects of your well-being and health will be considered and all members of the team will act with integrity.  Everyone is treated as individuals and their culture and values are respected.

Progresive Learning

Orthodontic treatment is a viable and attractive solution for everyone that wants a great smile! We are equipped to deal with young patients as well as adults. We are always thinking about progress and implementing the newest techniques in your treatment.

Dr. Nick Andros

Dr. Nicholas Andros
Dr. Nicholas Andros

What Our Clients Say

“I appreciate the time that Dr. Andros spent explaining treatment options for my son. He made sure that we understood exactly what was to be done and had research and articles for us to read, backing his opinion of a more affordable treatment.”

D. Gilmore

“Andros orthodontics was like going to the spa. It was relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable. The staff was accommodating and great with children and adults. I wish my teeth were still crooked so I could continue going back month after month.”

M. Kearney

“Andros orthodontics was so convenient and fast. I never had to wait to be seen and they made my family feel like royalty. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

T. Chapman

“Our experience with Dr. Andros was fabulous. He is kind and helpful, very knowledgeable and reasonably priced. The kids are given great incentives to take good care of their braces, etc. and this makes it fun for them while they are being treated. We loved our experience so much that we will be taking our other children to him for their braces also.”

L. John

“Before going to Dr. Andros, my son had some anxiety about getting braces. All of that anxiety went away after his first appointment. Dr. Andros explained everything to him and made him feel very comfortable. Thank you so much for my son’s beautiful smile!”

D. Mathews

“Dr. Andros is a great orthodontist! He treats each patient as the unique individual they are. You’re not just a number with Dr. Andros, patients really matter. It’s also awesome that he provides so many discreet options for adult patients (Invisalign, lingual braces, and ceramic brackets). I highly recommend Dr. Andros for children and adults alike. ”

T. Martin

“Beautiful office and wonderful people who work here!! Doctor Andros is honest and straightforward and I really appreciated his advice at the consultation. My son is so excited to get his braces today and so am I! Great prices too and affordable payment plan!”

E. Davis

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