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5 Things You Should Not Forget If You’re Wearing Braces

When you get your braces, you are a bit closer to achieve your goal – a perfect smile. During the time you will be wearing your braces, you will be paying visits to your dentist on a regular basis. These visits are essential for adjusting your braces and to keep track if the braces are

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How to Improve The Whiteness of Your Teeth?

Bright white teeth are a very crucial part of what makes someone’s smile appealing. So it’s no surprise that an improved smile is at the top of a patient’s priorities when the pay a visit to their dentist. Since white teeth are becoming more and more important, dentists have dedicated a significant effort into making

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How to Make Invisalign More Comfortable

Invisalign has burst onto the scene as an amazing alternative to traditional braces. Not only are they clear for a less obvious appearance but, they’re less bulky, removable, and much quicker to get on and off. All of these reasons make Invisalign a popular choice and it’s definitely one of our favorite options. However, even

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How to Maintain a Healthy Diet During Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can often involve a long term treatment plan in order to slowly fix a major alignment, bite, jaw, or other issue. Often times, the equipment used is fragile which means that a patient will be required to change up certain habits in order to accommodate it. This is often seen with an orthodontic

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Wisdom Teeth and Braces

It’s common for younger patients to have braces than it is for adults. This is often because adults feel it’s unprofessional or unbecoming. However, when it comes to younger patients wearing braces, there is often the snag of wisdom teeth. Many are curious about how wisdom teeth may affect the brace work once it’s off

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Top Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist

It’s common that a patient feels intimidated when visiting a doctor, orthodontist, or other health providers. However, there’s no reason to be intimidated. Further, you should feel comfortable asking questions, especially those that will make you more confident in the care you and your family might receive. The best time to ask these top questions

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Retainers and Care After Braces

Traditional braces are still a very common sight, especially when it comes to teens or preteens. In fact, it’s getting more popular to see them in adults as well. No matter the type of braces you choose, whether it’s traditional, Invisalign, etc. you will most likely have a retainer for long term use after the

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Do You Need Referrals for All Orthodontic Work?

Referrals are a common occurrence when it comes to health in general, across all types, including dental work. This is more commonly connected to an insurance need more often than it’s connected to an orthodontist need. Depending on the situation, the insurance company involved, the treatment being suggested, etc. a referral may be needed. Keep

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Can Orthodontics Fix a Gummy Smile?

Many people believe that orthodontics is limited to only that which absolutely has to be done for the good of a patient’s dental health. However, sometimes, people just aren’t pleased with the aesthetics of their smile and wish to have it altered in some ways in order to gain the look they’re satisfied with. An

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Medicaid Coverage for Braces

Medicaid can be a tricky beast when it comes to what’s covered and what’s not covered. It’s important to note that Medicaid will vary slightly from state to state which makes it hard to cover what may or may not be covered, across the board. In short, braces aren’t covered on Medicaid, at least not

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