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How to Whiten Teeth After Braces are Removed

Having braces is a big responsibility. However, none of us are perfect which means that things can get away from us. One of those things is the care of our teeth while we have braces, especially younger patients. This results in teeth being slightly yellowed once the braces are removed which can happen even with

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When is Jaw Surgery Necessary?

Jaw surgery isn’t something that you might hear of often. This is because most dental professionals are going to try everything else first before settling on surgery since it’s considered an invasive procedure. However, some circumstances call for jaw surgery in order for an issue to be corrected when nothing else is an option. It’s

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How to Protect Your Braces While Playing Sports

Most kids are involved in some sort of activity, many of these activities involving a sport. No matter the sport, there’s always a chance for a child to get bumped in the mouth. When a child has braces, getting hit in the mouth can be worse than usual. Being hit in the mouth can mean

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Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

Everyone loves a straight and pretty smile. However, outside of being aesthetically pleasing, a straight smile has many more benefits. Many of these benefits are linked to your overall oral health. As we age, things like crooked teeth can cause severe issues within the mouth. Some of these issues can even begin at an early

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What if Your Teeth Moved After Wearing Braces?

Wearing braces often takes up a good portion of our time. Often, braces take a minimum of two years or more. This can feel like forever since there are certain limitations with braces. Once we get them off or our children get that off, it’s a reason to celebrate. Not only is there a new,

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Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes When Wearing Braces

Braces are a common tool used to fix the alignment of a patient’s teeth, jaw, etc. Braces fix a wide variety of issues when it comes to oral health. They even help prevent further issues from occurring. However, braces, especially traditional braces with brackets that fix to your teeth, can be a handful to take

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Why Do I Bite My Cheeks?

Sometimes, our oral health doesn’t always center around just our teeth and gums. Some issues can be with other areas in our mouth or face. One issue that can pop up is a consistent problem with biting our cheeks. This might sound a little odd however, this can be a real issue especially when it

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Using Fluoride Free Toothpaste While Having Braces

Braces are often a long-term solution to many issues when it comes to orthodontics. However, they feel like a battle sometimes because they take a lot of care and attention especially when it comes to our daily habits. Braces involve staying away from certain foods and ensuring that the right oral health hygiene steps are

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Closing That Gap In Your Teeth

For some of us, gaps are an unwanted sight. For others, gaps are a fashion statement and are desired. However, if you’re one of the people who would rather not have a gap in your teeth, there are a few options to fixing that gap. Many of the options involve orthodontic intervention. While this may

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Tooth Care and Cleaning While Having Braces

Getting braces can be a lengthy process as well as a big step since they can often time adjust your way of life for a bit. Even with Invisalign braces, you’re adding something onto your list of responsibilities that take time and effort. However, in general, braces are worth the effort including the tooth care

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