How to Protect Your Braces While Playing Sports

Most kids are involved in some sort of activity, many of these activities involving a sport. No matter the sport, there’s always a chance for a child to get bumped in the mouth. When a child has braces, getting hit in the mouth can be worse than usual. Being hit in the mouth can mean

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Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

Everyone loves a straight and pretty smile. However, outside of being aesthetically pleasing, a straight smile has many more benefits. Many of these benefits are linked to your overall oral health. As we age, things like crooked teeth can cause severe issues within the mouth. Some of these issues can even begin at an early

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Why Do I Bite My Cheeks?

Sometimes, our oral health doesn’t always center around just our teeth and gums. Some issues can be with other areas in our mouth or face. One issue that can pop up is a consistent problem with biting our cheeks. This might sound a little odd however, this can be a real issue especially when it

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Different Types Of Bite Problems

Bite problems occur quite frequently in people of all ages and races. There are a few different bite issues that a patient can have but, all are filed under what’s referred to as malocclusion. All of these require a dental professional’s help to be corrected. Further, bite problems should be corrected as they often interfere

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