Are Orthodontics Medically Necessary?

Orthodontics is a branch of dental work that many people see as medically unnecessary. However, this is a misconception since there is quite a bit that goes into orthodontics that make it a very important branch of the dental field. Contrary to popular belief, orthodontics doesn’t exist just to make the appearance of your teeth

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What is a Palatal Expander?

Just when you think you’ve got all the basics of orthodontics figured out, something like a palatal expander comes along and throws you for a loop. Imagine being a parent and getting told your child needs one of these. Although it may sound strange and be tongue-tying to say, palatal expanders are actually pretty common

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Medicaid Coverage for Braces

Medicaid can be a tricky beast when it comes to what’s covered and what’s not covered. It’s important to note that Medicaid will vary slightly from state to state which makes it hard to cover what may or may not be covered, across the board. In short, braces aren’t covered on Medicaid, at least not

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What to Do with Damaged Braces

Braces are pretty resilient for the most part. However, there are other aspects to them that make them pretty fragile as well. Your orthodontist will always give you as much information as possible to protect you and your braces during the duration of the treatment. However, we’re all human and things happen that leave us

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Why Do You Wear Elastics?

Braces help to move, pull, and straighten teeth but what braces can’t do so well is move the jaw. If you are suffering from an underbite, overbite, or just need to correct your bite in general, you may need elastics which are usually used in conjunction with braces. It may be hard to believe that

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How to Whiten Teeth After Braces are Removed

Having braces is a big responsibility. However, none of us are perfect which means that things can get away from us. One of those things is the care of our teeth while we have braces, especially younger patients. This results in teeth being slightly yellowed once the braces are removed which can happen even with

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How to Protect Your Braces While Playing Sports

Most kids are involved in some sort of activity, many of these activities involving a sport. No matter the sport, there’s always a chance for a child to get bumped in the mouth. When a child has braces, getting hit in the mouth can be worse than usual. Being hit in the mouth can mean

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What if Your Teeth Moved After Wearing Braces?

Wearing braces often takes up a good portion of our time. Often, braces take a minimum of two years or more. This can feel like forever since there are certain limitations with braces. Once we get them off or our children get that off, it’s a reason to celebrate. Not only is there a new,

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Using Fluoride Free Toothpaste While Having Braces

Braces are often a long-term solution to many issues when it comes to orthodontics. However, they feel like a battle sometimes because they take a lot of care and attention especially when it comes to our daily habits. Braces involve staying away from certain foods and ensuring that the right oral health hygiene steps are

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Tooth Care and Cleaning While Having Braces

Getting braces can be a lengthy process as well as a big step since they can often time adjust your way of life for a bit. Even with Invisalign braces, you’re adding something onto your list of responsibilities that take time and effort. However, in general, braces are worth the effort including the tooth care

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