Most Common Questions About Invisalign

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that hit the market more than two decades ago.  Since then, it has grown rapidly in popularity. If you are like many others that may be considering the Invisalign treatment, you might share some of these common questions. What exactly is Invisalign? Invisalign is a treatment that involves wearing clear

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Why Do Patients Love Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign has become a popular term used among households around the world. There’s a good reason for that—it’s a great alternative option to traditional braces! Of course, Invisalign isn’t an option for everyone needing braces, however, it’s helped countless people avoid having to go through the process of traditional braces. Traditional braces are great for

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How Does Invisalign Differ from Traditional Braces

Invisalign has become a popular household name. However, many people are confused about exactly what they are and how they differ from traditional braces. They appear to look like the clear retainers many people were used to using after they went through a couple of years with traditional braces. However, they do a little more

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Benefits of using an Invasalign

When it comes to straightening that smile, there are several benefits to choosing Invisalign to get the job done over other traditional braces. Some feel metal braces can appear unattractive, as though it is filled with awkward chunks of unsightly metal. They are even more noticeable on an adult and can get food caught in them

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What Type of Problems you can Treat with Invisalign?

Invisalign - Problems and Possibilities  We’re now in an age where if you want straighter teeth but don’t want it to be too obvious that you’re wearing braces, Invisalign clear aligners make that possible. Say goodbye to the traditional metal wires wrapped inside your mouth and say hello to the future of clear braces. And

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Clarity Ceramic Braces vs Invisalign

Is One Better Than The Other? There are several people out there who would love to have straighter teeth but are put off by the look and hassle of metal braces. Fortunately, in today’s futuristic world of orthodontics, there are various treatment options that are much more aesthetically pleasing for those who would rather not

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How To Clean Invisalign?

Simple Tips For Clean InvisalignWhen you were told by your dentist that you needed braces you went with Invisalign because they are clear and easy to put in and out. Let’s face it, the thought of metal wires and bands tightening in your mouth was too much to think about. So, if you’re wanting to avoid discoloration,

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What are Invisalign Attachments?

    In straightforward terms, attachments are an appliance that helps the patient with straightening their teeth, and it can correct the bad bits. So, Invisalign Attachments are invisible braces with a similar approach to standard props. They are mostly used for two week period till teeth are moved back in the position as planned by

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What is Invisalign?

While braces may be a classic stop on the adolescent journey of a teenager, they come with their share of annoyances; the “biting” nicknames (see what I did there), the sliced up lips, and a complete inability to rid yourself of food from your previous meal without an intense brushing/flossing session. As an adult who

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